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Should I worry? MMMM… nah. A little beheading is good for the soul. Right?

barbies hanging from purple pegboardIf YOUR nine-year-old hated Barbie® with THIS kind of passion, would THAT worry you?

I mean, I remember MY mom disliked the sexist nature of the doll, and restricted my ownership to that most neutral of Barbie®, Malibu Barbie®. She had plain, straight hair, and Mom refused to buy any sparkly clothes for her.

All her clothes were made, by me, out of my old undershirts. Her entire wardrobe was stretchy and white.

But I loved and cherished her. Remember how we used to make her talk? Bobbing her up and down with every syllable?

I do not recall ever dismounting her head and tying her, by the hair, to anything.

Hmmm. Anger issues, I suppose.

The kid seems, otherwise, fine.

Rides her bike, hates wearing dresses, though. Perhaps the girly-doll just isn’t her thing.

She inherited the bucket-O-Barbies® from her older sister. Maybe there’s some hidden resentment there. The old hand-me-down thing…

Either way, makes for some interesting, gritty-type photography.

I’ll ask the girl’s therapist, though. And keep her away from sharp objects. And bludgeons.

(photo: © Elizabeth Williams Bushey)


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