More: How not to make deadline…

Actual game of tiddlywinks.Ah… So Tiddly Winks actually exist.

NOT just a cliché. SEE! Take THAT, all you editors, who struck them out of my writing with your non-repro blue china markers… there IS such a thing after all.

I wonder if they’re fun?

Because now I really, really want a set. Okay. Ebay, next up, right after I post to this blog, then, oh wait: this computer monitor is kinda dusty. Better wipe that off.

Where’s my rag?

STOP! FOCUS! You have a CLIENT to meet. In the MORNING, no less. It’s not like you can get up early and fake it…

(yeah, like you EVER get up early)

YES I do – I get up with the kids every morning…

(Getting up and smoking at your desk, cheering them on in your pajamas, “work-at-home-mom,” while they get themselves ready, doesn’t count. Especially if you sneak back to bed for “five more minutes” after.)

It counts! I walk the dog every morning, after I walk Annie to the schoolbus stop, don’t I? Er, most mornings?

(Only if your hair doesn’t look like Madeline Kahn in Young Frankenstein, and providing you can find a hat if it does… otherwise it’s the backyard of doo for the dog.)

I really have to try that trick of training him to go in just one spot.

(Sure. Like you’re EVER going to pile up dogsh*t in a lump in your own yard… like there exist gloves THAT industrial. Have you gotten a load of the size of that dog?)

Hmm. Good point. Speaking of which, what’s our point again?


Is that why I’m talking to myself?

Beats getting down to business.

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