How not to make deadline

The Easiest Song in the World, © Elizabeth Williams Bushey

DominoesIt’s been a day full of piling up dominoes, and knocking them down. Fruitless, but sort of fun.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve had days, literally, where stacking up dominoes and knocking them down was a good, productive day – but today wasn’t one of them.

I DID re-record the above song, though.

And I redid the look of this blog. (SO very important. MMM-yeah.)

So technically, I DID get stuff done today.

Oh – and I built a table. (Well, I sanded wood down, covered it in batting and fabric… still trying to figure out the coolest way to coordinate legs for it…)

But I still have things I’m putting off doing. And a pile of junk.

I only have until June to clean 3000 square feet for Peter when he comes home. Peter is extremely tidy, and I really would like it to be better than when he left.

My friends are right when they say my life is like a movie. Today, though, it was the part when you run out for popcorn.

(photo: © Elizabeth Williams Bushey)

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  1. Then fire up the microwave and pop yourself a new bowl-full. Get to work on the ONE thing you really do not want to do – make it the thing you do FIRST everyday – then watch how great those days are!


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