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Just in time for bathing suit season.

Keith Richards w/guitar: naked from the waist up; VERY old, VERY wrinkled,Look.

No, really. Look.

Look at this guy.

Anytime you’re feeling just the tad bit sensitive about how YOU look naked, go back to your bookmarks and FIND THIS PAGE.

Think of the confidence THIS MAN HAS.


Yes. He has WAY more guitars than you do.

Yes. He has seen a lot more women naked than you ever will – even if you ARE a woman: a woman with perfect attendance in phys. ed. class. Even a woman who doesn’t even get uncomfortable in department room fitting rooms with no doors or curtains, even.

Even if you are a promiscuous, beautiful lesbian woman with perfect attendance in gym class who doesn’t get uncomfortable in fitting rooms with no doors or curtains, even.


(What was I talking about?…) Oh, YEAH!

CONFIDENCE. The man has it in SPADES. And couldn’t we all use some?

That’s what we all need to look at today. Keith Richards naked. Or nearly.

You can’t really look away, can you? I mean, go ahead. Try. You can’t. It’s like an accident on the highway.

G’head. I dare ya.



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